$32.95 / YARD

$32.95 / YARD

Triple Ground Dyed Black Mulch

This mulch is a blend of all hardwood mulch ground three times to a fine texture.  It is then colored with a 100% biodegradable vegetable dye.  The black color holds well into the season and the vegetable dye has no harmful impact on plant material.

$28.95 / YARD

$28.95 / YARD

Triple Ground Hardwood Mulch

This mulch is a blend of all hardwood mulch ground three times to a fine texture.  It has a nice natural brown color.  It is a protective covering that helps to prevent the evaporation of moisture, freezing of roots, and the growth of weeds.

$38.95 / YARD

$38.95 / YARD


A beautiful all natural Dark Brown Color! (resists fading unlike ground wood mulches). Beneficial Organic Fertilization! Feeds your planting beds with all organic nutrients; i.e. nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with a neutral pH. (no chemical fertilizer needed). Compost activity decomposes Nutri-Peat® into Rich Humus! Promoting healthy soil activity, i.e. earthworms and beneficial microbes. Deepening your soil’s tilth and friability by adding Moisture Retention in the planting beds. It also protects plants from stress during arid portions of the growing season thus insuring your investment from drought damage. Enhances your soil’s Natural Resistance to nasty fungi. 


$31.95 / TON

3/4" Clean Stone

3/4" Clean Stone (AKA 2B) is used for drainage along down spouts and behind retaining walls.

$34.95 / TON

3/4" Modified Stone

3/4" Modified (AKA 2A) is used for setting pavers, under parking areas, and shed placement.  It is a mixture of larger and finer stones which is excellent for compaction.

$69.99 / TON

1-3" River Jack

This stone is grey and tan in color.  It has a smooth and rounded surface.  It is used to beautify landscape beds and aid in erosion.

$41.95 / TON

3/8" Red Tipple

Red Tipple is used as mulch in landscape beds.  Using stone reduces the ability of weeds to germinate.  It is also used as stone driveways.



$31.95 / YARD

$31.95 / YARD

Farm Screened Topsoil

This soil is ideal for building or raising flower beds. The soil is screened and delivered to you dry to ensure a fine texture.



Premium Compost

Premium Compost is fine textured, dark in color and has excellent water holding capability and is rich in nutrients.  Premium Compost is suitable for all types of work from garden plantings to lawn construction.  Premium Compost is especially beneficial in improving both sandy or clay dominant types of soil.   A nourishing mixture of well composted and aged agricultural byproducts our recipe includes a variety of ingredients some of which are as follows; hay, straw, horse manure, poultry litter, corncobs, cottonseed hulls, cocoa bean hulls, lime, gypsum, and sphagnum peat moss. Premium Compost is an organic soil amendment that is rich in micro and macronutrients, humus, and has a neutral ph.